Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend we spent with our family here in Utah. We played football, ate a wonderful dinner, and then saw the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox which was better than expected. On Saturday we took family pictures. It was a fun weekend!

Family Photos:

Here is Cliff and I on Thanksgiving Day on our way to play football. I wasn't that useful of a player but still had fun!

The winning Team!
Cliff and Kevin should not be allowed to play on the same team next year...

The Losers! Turkey Time!!!

So excited for food!! :)

Fun at the movies!
Saturday afternoon Cliff and I went to the BYU vs Utah football game which was a lot of fun. It was a close game and went into overtime but the Cougars managed to pull ahead! Yay!! So overall it's been a great weekend and I am sad to have to go back to school on Monday but such is life! And there are only 2 more weeks until finals and then we go to visit family in California and Washington! Very excited!


On September 8th, I woke up in the morning and used the bathroom which revealed some wonderful news!

I'm pregnant!

Here are the pregnancy pictures as of now. These were taken November 9th, so I was a little over 13 weeks and honestly I don't have a belly at all. I'm 16 weeks now, and probably look exactly the same (maybe slightly pouchier, but nothing noticable).

This is normal belly.

This is me sticking my belly out as much as I can to show that I have a belly.

On November 6th, we heard the baby's heart beat which was extremely exciting. It's nice to know that there really is a baby in there and it definitely made the whole experience more real! Morning sickness is getting better but still not completely gone. I think I've been having some gallbladder problems lately. I've woken up a couple of times in the middle of the night with cramping in my upper stomach and pain in my middle to upper back which is extremely inconvenient! I'm planning to talk to the doctor about it next week and hopefully it doesn't get any worse.

We are looking forward to finding out what the sex of the baby is going to be, but we will have to wait until the beginning of January. If I get any more bigger I'll put more pictures up. Until then!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello to the world

It seems like once you are married, it's pretty much required that you start a blog, and since I'm such a blog stalker I guess I should put myself out there too.

Cliff and I are just in school right now and things are busy busy busy!! I'm really looking forward to the Thanksgiving break to hopefully get caught up on school work, but I feel it will be more relaxation than homework. We will see!

I guess our biggest exciting news is that I am pregnant! I am 15 weeks now and thanksfully morning sickness is getting much better! I think I might have felt the baby move a little bit, but I'm not really sure, it's kind of early so we'll see. We took some pictures of me a couple of weeks ago, but I don't have anything that would be recognizable as a baby belly. They will make good beginning pictures I suppose :)

Well that is our update for now. Maybe next post we will put pictures up.